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Advance praise for 3rd edition of

The Economist Guide to Investment Strategy



“Successfully translates sophisticated academic thinking into simple, intuitive principles that can be used by both individual and institutional investors. These principles are all the more valuable as Stanyer applies them to the full range of asset classes and investment strategies available today.”

John Campbell, Morton L. and Carole S. Olshan Professor of Economics, Harvard University


“Over the years I’ve had the privilege of reviewing many investment books, but this is unquestionably one of the best. I could go on at length explaining why I am so impressed but suffice it to say, it will be a well read and prominent book in my personal library. Every financial planner, wealth manager, broker, investment adviser and serious individual investor owes it to themselves to carefully read this extraordinary book.”

Harold Evensky, President, Evensky & Katz, LLC


“Peter Stanyer has a rare gift for making advanced and seemingly esoteric ideas such as betrayal aversion or psychic returns not just accessible but highly relevant. In addition to the help this guide will provide individual investors on what to make of all the arcana flooding from business schools and fund managers, it is a book that provides welcome light and insight in a world in which the global financial crisis has highlighted the importance of financial education and literacy.”

Stephen Satchell, Fellow, Trinity College, Cambridge


“If you want to understand the key factors in constructing a successful investment strategy that suits you, this book will enable you to make better informed choices.”

Mark Ralphs, Partner, Financial Planning Corporation LLC


“Broad in its overview, filled with recent data and research, and clearly written, this useful guide should appeal to both experienced and new investors. The author delivers relevant, practical advice by deftly discussing both the big picture at the overall portfolio level and the nuances and institutional details at the asset class level.”

Andrew Ang, Ann F. Kaplan Professor of Business, Columbia Business School, New York


“Peter Stanyer stands out as an extraordinarily clear thinker and he carries that clarity through to his writing in this book on, for example, hedge funds. In addition he is tremendously good at explaining what works best in establishing and adapting an investment strategy. This is a book every chief investment officer should read.”

Roger Urwin, Global Head of Investment Content, Towers Watson






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